Self Assessment

Instructions: Slide the Arrow back and forth to indicate how much the statement describes you.

I have moved to an unknown place where I knew very few, if any, other people.
I have read at least three books about my job in the past year
I am known by others as somebody who contributes new ideas
I have started my own business
When it comes to getting a paycheck, I would prefer to join a stable company rather than an unproven startup
I would prefer to invest my money in mutual funds rather than individual stocks because they are safer
I like strategy games more than games of chance
I prefer a guaranteed paycheck more than begin paid on commission, even if the commission could be significant
I tend to purchase the latest gadgets when they are released rather than waiting until they have been out for a time
I would prefer to invest in a venture that made $5 million with a 20% chance of success over one that made $1.25 million with an 80% chance of success
When somebody proposes a new idea my first reaction is positive
People typically see me as a realist
Somebody has told me that I care too much about what other people think
When starting a new project I prefer knowing the variables that might come before I start
When I go on vacation, I prefer having no expectations and letting the trip unfold as I go
In the past month I have spent social time with a friend who has opposing political views to my own
I prefer to go by my intution rather than following a preset plan
When I consider a decision, I like to make a list of pro's and con's before I decide
I am known by others as somebody who has a lot of hobbies
I value "best practices" because they are proven ways to get good results
When I look at my schedule in the morning, I like it when I see that there are meetings scheduled
I like going to meetings where there is no agenda and brainstorming is the main activity
I prefer projects which I can control more than projects that depend on others
I play an instrument, paint or do some other form of art as a hobby
I like team sports more than I like individual sports
When making a decision I prefer asking others for input before deciding on a course of action
In the past month, I can recall having watched instructional videos to learn something new
I usually do not care how something works, as long as it does work
When I order at a restaurant, I most often choose a menu item that is new to me
I value attending conferences and networking events